Who We Are:

We believe the Bible to be the Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible Word of God in it's original manuscripts. It is our supreme authority in all matters of doctrine and practice. We are affiliated with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

Who is the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC)?
We affirm the core tenets of historic biblical Christianity based upon an uncompromising conviction in the truth of Holy Scripture.

The CCCC Way of Life
The Board of Directors has affirmed that the Conference is devoted to a way of life in obedience to Jesus that is reflected in the Great Commandment and the Great Commission:

  • Love others (Matthew 22:39

  • Love God (Matthew 22:37)

  • As you go, make disciples (Matthew 28:19)
    Our leaders, member pastors, and churches are called to reflect this devotion to Jesus through their daily living and service.

CCCC Guiding Values
The Board of Directors has also affirmed that the ministry of the Conference will be focused on these Seven Guiding Values:

1. A Culture of Believing Prayer and Intercession
2. Healthy Pastors
3. Healthy Disciple-making Church
4. Healthy Church Multiplication
5. A Community of Shared Life and Shared Mission
6. A Culture of Biblical Peacemaking and reconciliation
7. A Membership Reflective of the Harvest Field's Diversity


The Consistory of Salem Reformed Church consists of five elders and five deacons who are elected by the congregation to serve 3 year terms. A consistory member may serve 2 consecutive 3 year terms before going off the Consistory. The pastor also serves as an ex-officio member of the Consistory. The Consistory is entrusted with the supervision and the ruling of the congregation. The Consistory generally meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month for their regular meeting.

Current Consistory Members are as follows: CONSISTORY: 3 year terms – can serve 2 consecutive terms

    • David Herrboldt - Chairman - Elder 1st term - expires 2018
    • Justin Plooster - Vice Chairman - Elder 1st term - expires 2018
    • Brian Goehring - Secretary - Elder 2nd term - expires 2019
    • Donna Sattler - Co-Treasurer - Elder 2nd term - expires 2020
    • Fred Schultz - Elder- 1st term - expires 2020
    • Jeremy Handel - Co-Treasurer - Deacon 2nd term - expires 2018
    • Matt Fischer - Head Usher - Deacon 1st term -  expires 2018
    • Mark Anderson - Deacon 1st term - expires 2019
    • Steve Huber - Deacon 1st term - expires 2019
    • Robert Heckenlaible - Deacon 2nd term - expires 2020