TEXT: II Chronicles 7:11-22


I. ____________________ -

    Thank God for our ____________ ____________ !

       Psalm 144:1,2

II. ____________________ -

     ________________ is necessary!
            (See II Thess. 3:10,11; Eph. 4:28; I Tim. 5:8; Col. 3:23)

III. ____________________ - (In ______________ )

         II Chron. 7:1-3a

        A. Blessings of ____________________

             II Chron. 7:17,18

        B. Consequences of ____________________

             II Chron. 7:19-22

        C. God's Call to ________________ = _______________ / Repentance

             II Chron. 7:13,14


Quote: Charles Crismier, 'Renewing the Soul of America' @ 2002
"A living, vibrant, Bible-believing, God obeying CHURCH that STANDS against the tide of popular culture, disbelief, self-exaltation is America's only true hope! Only such a people who themselves turn, can begin the timely turning of a nation that is plunging blindly, full-speed ahead to her destruction. **May the light in the lighthouse be turned on once again, blazing the light of God's truth from sea to shining sea. And may it begin with you and me!"



Special Thanks: Special Thanks to Connie/Larry Kirschenman for placing the flowers in the sanctuary during the month of June!

M/O Care Center Fundraiser: The Care Center is in need of new equipment. Modern Woodmen of America is sponsoring this fundraiser and will match all donations given during JULY, up to $2,500! Donations can be mailed to MOCC, 402 S. Pine St., Menno, SD 57045. (Only donations given during the month of July will qualify for the matching funds from Modern Woodmen.)

Blood Drive: A Blood Drive will be held in the Social Hall of our church on Thursday, July 23. *Please contact Jennifer Herrboldt if you would be willing to make phone calls to blood donors or assist in other ways. Thanks!

Men's Christian Fellowship: Men's Christian Fellowship meets on the first and third Monday evenings of each month. Currently, they are watching a DVD led study on the Book of Revelation by Dr. John Barnet. To understand Revelations better, please consider joining this ongoing study!

Word with ZACH Summer Reading Program: Keys for Kids WORD with ZACH Summer Reading Program begins on June 1st! This is a program designed to keep the kids in your life not only reading all summer, but reading something that will help them dig deeper into God's Word. The program itself is free! Sign up at WORDwithZach.org Fill out the information, then watch for follow-up emails. That's where you'll find links to download the monthly PDF calendars and request copies of the devotional.

Offering Box: An Offering Box will be placed at the back of the sanctuary for today's service. It will also be in the Narthex of the Church for anyone wanting to drop off their church offering during the weekday mornings.


*Glenda Walker, as she has begun radiation/chemo treatments for cervical cancer. Glenda is the daughter of Marilee Hauck.

*Jimmy Woehl, as he was recently diagnosed with a frontal lobe brain mass, called glioblastoma. He started chemo/radiation therapy on June 22nd.

*We pray for all of our Care Center Residents who are not able to have family visits at this time due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

*Lee & Pat Pommerville, *Milo Hauck, *Les Mehlhaff, *Greg Liebl, *Tiffany Pommerville, *Robert Gramkow, *Chuck Hartshorn, *Irene Luikens, *Bill Huber, *Alfred Hauck, *Cindy Ulmer, *Mike Kuck, *Ken Varilek, as these individuals are in various stages in their battle against cancer and/or other health struggles. We praise the Lord for His Power that is mightily at work within each one, giving them strength day by day!

*Travis Gramkow (U.S. Navy - Virginia), *Aaron Helgerson (U.S. Navy - Florida), *Katie (Schultz) Paulsen (U.S. Air Force - Brussels, Belgium), *Lee Heckenlaible, Dan Wonnenberg, Katie Huber, Trevor Bertsch, Dustin Gall, John Neth, Chad Boettcher (Army National Guard), *Carmen Taylor, Jennifer Masterson, Brett Andersen, Evan Wintersteen (Air National Guard), *Travis Brandt, Tyler J. Brandt (U.S. Army), *Jayme Schaaf (U.S. Army), *Kinsey & Jake Haider (U.S. Army - California), *Alex Olson (U.S. Navy), - we pray for God's protection over these individuals and all in Military Service!